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MARKETING & SALES - Untrasol Energy

The work we do with clients include:

  • Carrying out market screening and estimating market potential,
  • Developing branding strategies,
  • Reviewing the company’s product portfolio to ensure optimal product positioning to maximize revenue potential,
  • Conduct market/customer surveys and focus groups and analyse the findings. This work includes evaluating channel effectiveness and the likely impact on customer satisfaction and buying criteria including competitor analysis,
  • Defining target segments and target groups,
  • Designing segmentation models to create manageable groups of customers, identifying for each key attributes, needs and wants,
  • Conducting competitive analysis,
  • Analyzing and reviewing pricing models and selecting optimal strategies to increase revenue and profitability,
  • Preparing an implementation plan, including timing and responsibilities,
  • Defining marketing investment needs and benefits,
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of marketing investments,
  • Aligning product strategies with channel strategies,
  • Creating strategies to identify the right mix of channels and the best approach to take to ensure the successful launch of a product or service,
  • Creating a more capable salesforce,
  • Establishing consistent and repeatable sales processes,
  • Analyzing the cost of operating each channel to market and the approach to pricing the products or services distributed through each one, in order to align the costs of operating a channel to market with pricing yield,
  • Defining, setting up and running performance measurement systems for salesforce.