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UNTRASOL offers various line of consultancy services for small and medium sized enterprises (SME) which do not have marketing & sales, procurement and foreign trade department to carry out their trade activities with high efficiency. Our experienced staff specialized in concerned business areas evaluate the current processes and reports for possible areas of development and revisions. .

UNTRASOL not only acts for development of business processes but also works on market researches for selected product lines with a complete assessment including market shares and prices, custom procedures, governmental incentives, logistics organisations, distributorship and reseller organisation and so on.

To make business with foreign countries in our world which consistently expands in terms of business requires making contacts and having a knowledge on the mode of business in that country, the scope of the market, its bureaucratic nature and culture. Our company is ready to share its knowledge regarding the Middle East and North African markets for the marketing and sale of your product. Our expert team which has a comprehensive knowledge on the Middle East and North African markets and which has strong relationships, as a team which worked with those countries for many years and also managed international projects with target countries, is offering overseas services for companies in Turkey.